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Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 5: Spiders and Nemos!

This morning started with Aaron telling me I had to get up and come look at the huge spider in his bathroom! What a way to wake up!

He wasn't kidding! That thing was huge and we now know why this place is called "Spider House!" Aaron said if he saw that thing in his room he'd probably flail himself to death! Sadly I don't doubt that! Haha

After the spider fiasco, we ordered some breakfast and spent the morning and afternoon swimming out in front of our place! The water was warmer today than the past couple days, and felt a bit like a bath!

This is the BEST way to sunbathe!

We snorkeled a little....

...and were getting into some deeper darker waters! I always like to grab Aaron's hand and swim alongside him, just in case a fish tries to get me! As we were swimming I heard him yell through his snorkel mask, "Eel! Eel!" pointing right under me! I flailed all around, terrified I'd be bit by the scary creature! Come to find out he was saying, "Nemo! Nemo!"   Aaahhhhh....

We played on the boat, as usual!  But, today, Aaron decided to give me a show and do some tricks!

The swan dive / aka: belly flop!

Love this guy!

Aaron snapped this photo of me sitting on the boat from his room!

All that snorkeling really took it out of me, so I crashed for a little afternoon nap in my room!

The sunset was gorgeous tonight so the Spider House bar and restaurant were packed with 20 somethings!

There was nowhere to sit at the restaurant downstairs, so we decided to take a walk over to White Beach (40 mins) along the beach for dinner.  We found a delicious Mexican restaurant on the sand!  (Sorry, we didn't bring the camera!)  After dinner, we shared some of our leftovers with a stray kitten who was hanging around our table.  She seemed nice, so I gently picked her up and set her on my lap!  She quickly settled in and slept there while I pet her and chatted with Aaron!  I love moments like that and REALLY miss having an animal around the house! 

We did a bit of shopping and walking around and ordered some coffee before heading back and calling it a night!  Another fantastic day!

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