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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 4: Pukas, swimming, food, and fun!

Apparently we lucked out with the weather, because the last 5 days before we arrived in Boracay it was stormy!  Not today though!  We had blue skies and gorgeous palm trees above!

We had some breakfast on the deck and then took a tuk tuk to Puka Beach on the far north end of the island!  It's was named after its "large amount of Puka shells" but apparently it was named a long time ago, because about 99.9% of them have been collected over the years! 
We walked the whole beach (which is really long) and only found one Puka!

Call me a baby, but I'm not a fan of swimming at beaches with big waves,
so I sat this one out and got comfy on the white sand instead!

Aaron came back and woke me up to show me this heart coral he had found for my shell collection.  :)

While there weren't many shells to be found on the shoreline, there were plenty for sale at the beachside shops... that is, if painted shells are your style!

After hanging at Puka beach for a couple hours, we decided to head back to Spider House for some lunch.  We walked about 10 minutes, through the beachside town, before hailing a tuk tuk. 
I found these schmooches along our walk. :)

Look, a Jesus tuk tuk for hire!

Our place is a bit secluded, so the tuk tuk drops us off at the beach and we have to walk about 5 minutes along the shore, through this cave, and up some hillside stairs before making it there! 
I love this about Spider House!

Today's lunch choice was vegetable spring rolls and a diet coke!  YUM!

We layed out on the deck for a while and Aaron read from his kindle while I read from my good old fashioned book!  Remember those?

After our lunch settled in our tummies and our eyes needed a break from reading, we jumped off the deck and did some swimming!  Spider House is there in the background!

Spider House owns their own sailboat, which is docked about 100 feet off the shoreline.  We like to hang onto the side and do flips from the rails!

BTW: This is the bathing suit I bought in North Carolina when DELTA lost my bags! 
Thanks for the new suit Delta!

After the sun went down, we took a tuk tuk over to White Beach for dinner. 
We literally walked from one side, all the way to the other, in search of some fresh seafood!

We landed here at this beachside restraurant where Aaron hand selected 2 prawns and a red snapper!  I don't know much about chosing fish, so I always leave this to him!

... and these two boys cooked it up for us!

The place was on the sand with soft cushiony pillows to lay on, which we thought was perfect... but then the music got cranked up (higher than the speakers wanted to play it), we waited almost an hour for our food to come out and it was so dark we couldn't see what we were eating! 

Have you ever tried de-boning a small fish in the dark?
 Well, I'm a bit of a pro at de-boning fish after living in Korea and being served whole fish on a regular basis, but last night wasn't pretty!  I was spitting out bones right and left! 

We made the best of it, as we usually do, laughing it off and calling it a lesson learned!

We walked the beach for a bit and came across this fire dancing show!  They were amazing and had drawn in a nice little crowd.  I'm pretty sure every one of them was a ladyboy...
(except the guy actually dressed like a guy in the front row)!

 We jumped in a tuk tuk and headed back to Diniwid beach.  The tuk tuk drops us off around here and Spider House is on the far left of this picture!  It's such a gorgeous and romantic walk back home everynight!

Not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be filled with good food, lots of relaxation, swimming, and fun!


  1. WOW WOW WOW!!!! Hope you guys have a lovely time. Boracay looks amazing!!!!

  2. Hi, I know this is a bit late but what restaurant was that you went to? I am planning on going back soon, and also was planning on staying at the Spider House! Any suggestions would be grateful, Thanks!

    1. Hey Anna, I'm so sorry, but I have NO IDEA what the name of that restaurant was, but there are tons and tons of them, just like this one, all along White Beach! ENJOY your trip!