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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DAY 13: Emma and James!

Last night, I was walking back to my room when I saw a frantic young couple standing outside their door yelling, "watch out for the snake!!"  ...And that's how I met the darling duo of Emma and James from London!  Emma and I ran downstairs to get Diniwid to come up and find / kill it (or move it somewhere far far away!), but it had slithered itself into one of the guestrooms where luckily no one was staying.  As we were talking to Diniwid, asking if the snake was poisonous, Franny (the darling young def server) was nodding her head yes.  Emma didn't know she was def, so while everyone else was saying the snake was fine, Franny was nodding that yes, it was poisonous!  haha.  Long story short, Diniwid didn't find the snake, so Emma and James were up all night!!

We saw them this morning, down on the deck and they said they didn't sleep a wink!  So funny!  We asked if they wanted to share a boat to do some snorkeling off the coast today!  Luckily they said they were in, and thus the beginning of our day with James and Emma began!

The 4 of us hung out on the deck and did a little swimming until the boat was ready to come pick us up and take us away!
Coco, being Coco!  :)

Heidi and Michelle (Spider House staff).

At 1:30pm, our boat pulled up to the deck...

and we all jumped on and got cozy!  The boat trip was 1600 pesos for 3 hours. (split between the 4 of us, it was only about $9.00 a person!)

Marne, Michelle, Coco and Diniwid bid us farewell, from the deck, as we headed off on our little private boat adventure!

... Bye bye Spider House!

We headed down south, past white beach...

We had to wear these ugly life jackets while we cruised past white beach, just in case the coast guard saw us!  Aaron and James didn't mind.  They were just happy with their 75 cent beers in hand, enjoying the ride!

We rounded the South end of the island and anchored next to Crocodile island where we jumped in for some snorkeling!  This was our attempt at a snorkel kiss!  :)

Michelle had given us a bag full of bread to feed the fish with, so the boat driver threw some in, right as I was about to jump in.  I put my mask under the water and came back up squealing!  I had never seen that many fish before!  It just shocked me a bit! lol.  We all got in and had the best time playing with all the gorgeous fish! 
***Check back in a couple days!  I haven't downloaded my underwater camera pics yet!  SORRY 

We rounded the island on the north end and stopped here on Puka Beach for some shell searching!

I love, love, love that Aaron looks for shells with me!  He grabbed huge hand fulls of corals and shells and then I sifted through them until we came away with these little treasures!

We forgot to snap a picture of the beach where Aaron proposed, the night it happened. Lucky for us, we got to go right past it on our way back to Spider House today, so Emma got a picture for us!

As if snorkeling out on the boat wasn't enough, we docked back at Spider House and Aaron jumped back in for another round!  lol.  He came back with this gorgeous shell and lil crab!  We tried for about 30 minutes to get him out, so we could keep the shell, but he wouldn't budge!  So, we ended up putting him back in the water, where he was happy!

Since today was our last night in Boracay, we wanted to go somewhere special for dinner.  After talking to Signe (Zena), Aaron, James, Emma and I all headed to Talipapa, her recommendation! 

Talipapa is a local market, where most of the Boracay residents, restaurants, and hotels buy their produce and seafood!  It's at least 1/2 the price of buying it somewhere else, and definitely worth the experience!

As you can see, it's a popular spot amongst the locals... and it's hidden a bit, so you can only find it if someone tells you where it is!   PERFECT in my opinion!  :)

James and Emma, picking out some tuna, giant prawns, and a squid!

Aaron got about 10 giant prawns and I went with a live grouper fish for $9.00!

My poor little fish was flailing around in the pink bag!  SAD!!!

After you buy your seafood, you take it to one of the many little restaurants, tell them how you want it cooked, and wala, it comes out PERFECT!  We chose this little joint!

We decided to do dinner, Korean style, where everyone just shares everything!!  
We feasted, big time, on...
giant prawns!


... a huge slab of tuna!

MORE giant prawns...

...and a lovely and delicious grouper fish!

We were so happy to have experienced such a great dinner with our new friends!

We were all stuffed to the brim and very happy campers!!

After dinner, we walked along White Beach.  Emma and I picked out some MORE freshwater pearl earrings!  They're so gorgeous, we couldn't pass them up!

Emma was dying to see fire dancers, so the four of us walked up to station 2 of White Beach to see them!  We took her to where the Phoenix Fire Dancers perform on the beach (a group of 2 guys and 5 very flamboyant LADYBOYS!) They're, hands down, the best on the beach... and the most entertaining! 

We ended the night with a little coffee date at Starbucks and then jumped in a tuk tuk and headed back to Spider House!

Today was so much fun, and we were so happy to have shared it with James and Emma!  Tomorrow we have to board our plane and go back to Korea.  It's bitter sweet.  Leaving here is terrible, for obvious reasons, but being home and seeing my students and friends makes it okay. :)


  1. you really do make friends everywhere! I cannot wait to see your underwater pics!

  2. Looks like out pathes could have easily crossed! I believe we were at that same wet market that very same nighT! Congrats on the engagement! You deserve all the best!

  3. Sheesh Mae, that's crazy! It's definitely a small world! ...and thanks for the congrats on the engagement! :) We're READY NOW! :)