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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 14 Goodbye Boracay. Hello Manilla!

Today was the day we had to pack our bags and turn our keys into Spider House.  Boooo

But before we packed up, we both had a little swim and Aaron dove down for these beautiful little sea treasures!

... and I ate my very last plate of tropical fruit...

...while I laid in my favorite hammock on the deck!  Aaron cocooned me and said he hoped I came out a butterfly! lol

Luckily we had some money left to get back to Caticlan for our flight, and for taxi's in Manilla to get us to the hotel!

At 2:30pm, we said our goodbyes to the Spider House staff (a very sad moment for me!) and jumped in a tuk tuk back to the port.

We paid 50 pesos for the mandatory terminal fee and 35 pesos for the boat fee to get over to Caticlan. (That's a little over $2.00 total!)  

We made it to Caticlan airport with about an hour and a half to spare, so I bought some yummy Philippine style 3 in 1 coffee and caught up on the Bachelor!

Then, the weirdest thing happened.  They told us our flight had been canceled and that we would be shuttled 2 hours to Kalibo where we would catch a plane there.  Ugh.  We went with it, because what else were we supposed to do.  So, we, along with all the other passengers on our flight, loaded into minivans.

Then, just as we all got comfy in our seats, they said, "Never mind. Your plane is here.  Please go back in the airport and identify you luggage" and we all got back out!  
haha  Only in the Philippines!  
After traveling so much, we've definitely learned to just go with the flow!

And before we knew it, we were flying away, off into the sunset...

We spent the night at a little hotel in Manilla called Victoria Court Cuneta Boutique.  It was in a fairly dodgy area, but what area of Manilla isn't!?  We dropped our things and took a taxi to the Mall of Asia where we did a little grocery shopping 
for things we can't get in Korea.

like Graham Crackers, spices, natural peanut butter, and rolled oats!

We walked around in the mall for an hour or so.  It's HUGE and had an ice skating rink inside!  Unfortunately, we only had enough Philippine pesos to get back to our hotel and to the airport in the morning, so we didn't actually buy anything!

We decided to be adventurous and skip the overly expensive taxi's and do as the locals do, and travel back to the hotel by jeepney!  haha.  It was only 8 pesos per person!  That's .18 cents!
***Pic taken with my iphone.

It was the perfect experience to cap off an unforgettable vacation! :)
Tomorrow morning we'll be back in Korea.  We have a special dinner plan with Gill, Sam, and Brian to celebrate our engagement, which we're all very much looking forward to!

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