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Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 12: massage, pearls, and paradise!

Other than getting cheap manicures and pedicures while traveling south east Asia, I love, love, love getting massages!  Hey, when they're only $7.00 and fabulous, wouldn't you?!  Aaron unfortunately got really burnt yesterday snorkeling, so he wasn't all that interested, so I went by myself this time!  It takes about 45 minutes to walk from Spider House to D'mall, so I usually take a tuk tuk for between 20 pesos (.50 cents) to 100 pesos ($2.50) depending on how many other people get picked up along the way.
*** My camera stayed in my room all day today.  So, these are all iphone pics, hence the subpar quality.

This is Lilia and boy did I luck out by having her as my masseuse!  She really knew her craft!  I've had a LOT of massages in my traveling days, but hers was probably THE BEST to date!

I got her card as I was leaving in case anyone comes to Boracay and is looking for a great masseuse! 

My massage was done right here on White Beach and was only 300 pesos ($7.02) plus a tip of course!

Before heading back, I picked out a freshwater pearl necklace and bracelet set, which Aaron bought for me to commemorate our speical trip!  It's my first set of real pearls, which is REALLY exciting for me and super special that they're from this trip! 

I was feeling nice and relaxed on my way back to Spider House and was happy to see this guy when I got there!  He'd been sitting on the deck all day, reading!

 Signe (pronounced Zena) is one of the servers here at Spider House and we've become quite close over the past 11 days!  She's from Denmark and this is her darling boyfriend Oriole (sp?) from Spain, who had never snorkeled before.  I gave him mine to snorkel with...

...and the two of them set off on an adventure!

I used my photosynth app on my iphone to capture this panorama of the sunset tonight from my room!
I'm definitely going to miss seeing this everyday!

We had dinner at Microtel again tonight!  Other than Spider House,
the atmosphere and relaxation factor at Microtel is hard to beat here in Boracay! 

I could get used to the whole eating dinner while sifting my toes through the white sand beneath me!

One more full day and a half left in paradise... I really wish it didn't have to come to and end, but when I get back to Korea I'll have 1 day of school and then Aaron and I are going back up to the snowboarding cabin (Elf Pension) for a weekend with Jess and Carlos in the snow!

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