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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A new oven!

Little studio apartments like mine never come with built in ovens like in America!   For the past year I've used a tiny little easy bake oven, but after I spent a whole day baking Christmas cookies for my co-workers it konked out!  Booo!

Lucky for me, I have a thoughtful boyfriend who knew I needed a new and improved oven so I could continue my newly found love for baking yummy treats (which sadly is on hold until March 1st when I return from my vacation to the Phillipines and I no longer have to be seen in my bikini!  I'm getting ready for my "summer body" as we say in Korea and am only eating oober healthy food... boring, but worth it!)    

Anyway, back to my story!  I have a new oven!  It's twice as big as my old one and it's already been used twice... not by me though!  Aaron has taken over my kitchen and baked delicious healthy dinners two nights in a row!  Tomorrow I'm gonna do some pinterest browsing and see if I can find some healthy baking recipies so I can actually try my hand at using the oven! :)

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