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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A day in LA!

First of all, I'm embarrassed about the lack of interesting photo's I took today, since we did happen to do some really cool and interesting stuff, but I'm happy to say it was a fun day and there were NO car accidents, just an alarm mishap!

First stop was downtown Los Angeles where we drove in search of the garment district!  I've been a couple times before and have found some great stuff, so I knew Aaron would like it!  I happen to have an excellent memory when it comes to remembering locations, but we drove in circles and circles to no avail.  Uuugghhhh.  :(  

Instead, we parked and headed in search of a cool restaurant for lunch!  Unfortunately, we were nowhere near any cool restaurants, but rather the downtown business area, so we followed the crowds and opted for the ready made section at the local Ralph's Grocery Store!  We shared this platter of unhealthy food!  haha

We had had enough of downtown, and decided it was time for a little beach outing, so we jumped in the car and headed down the FWY to Santa Monica's Promenade!  This is the spot where you can usually spot a famous actor while they're out to lunch or shopping.  Aaron swore he saw famous athletes and a rapper, but couldn't figure out who exactly they were!   

We spent some time perusing the shops at the Promenade before heading to beach...

I love, love, love this photo I took of Aaron with my iphone!

While I didn't take this photo of the Santa Monica Pier, I can say that if I had it would have looked just like this!  It was a beautiful day and Aaron and I were standing right about here as the sun set over the ocean!

After the sun had gone down, we jumped back in the car and headed to Palos Verdes, an upscale hilly community with gorgeous views of the LA area and ocean!  I left all the photo taking of this area to Aaron, but he hasn't uploaded any yet, so you'll have to wait to see how gorgeous it actually was!

We got home around 10pm to find my mom rocking her new Auburn shirt that Aaron gave her for Christmas!  She's a die hard fan and had never had any Auburn clothes, so Aaron decided he would make it a tradition to get her a new shirt every year for Christmas! 
As you can see, she wears them proudly!

Not sure yet what the plan is for tomorrow, but I'm sure we'll make the best of it!  You can't go wrong when you're vacationing in California!

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