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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shop Till You Drop!

Today was going to be all about shopping!  We went to South Coast Plaza, H&M, Ross, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond!  Oh, how I miss all those American superstores! 

But before we got the shopping underway, we headed off to lunch with my dad at Nick's D Oro, a family owned Italian restaurant near the middle school I once attended! My dad comes here every Wednesday for lunch with one of his best friends, and I have tons of memories of coming here after school to eat one of their GIGANTIC slices of pepperoni pizza with my friends!  This was taken with my iphone... there's no special magical lens with this photo!  The slice is REALLY that big!

Dad and I... and Aaron across the table! :)

The pizza was great, but the company was even better! 
Having lunch with my two favorite guys was definitely the highlight of my day! 

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