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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello Hoppy Family!

I'm home, I'm home!  My dad came and picked me up from the airport bright and early at 9:00am!
We spent the next couple hours lounging around and catching up at the kitchen table (our favorite meeting place!)... then headed off to Taco Bell for some lunch!  YUM!

After lunch, we stopped by COSTCO then rushed back home to catch the Auburn University game!  My mom is a die hard Auburn fan!

When I was a little girl, I had a gameboy with TETRIS and my dad would always play it when I wasn't.  Now, 20 years later he's still hooked!   There's no beating him now!  He's a TETRIS pro!

It's so nice to be home and have a home cooked meal by my beautiful momma! 
Tonight's menu was salmon!  YUM!

Around 7pm, we headed off to Long Beach airport to pick up my sister Amy! 
It's sssoooo fun to have her home! 

The two of us headed off to a party of one of Amy's old High School friends who happens to be a photographer.  He had set this backdrop up and had props for people to wear and snapped everyone's pics when they came in!  Such a fun idea! 

There's something special about a sister... especially mine! 
Love you Amy Lynn!

It's good to be back home with my fam!

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