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Friday, December 30, 2011

A day full of girl friends!

Kelsey takes after her momma and played hostess for me this morning for breakfast!  Even Jameson went into work late so the three of us could all sit and have breakfast together!  I am so happy they found each other and love each other the way they do! :)

Kelsers in her gorgeous new kitchen! 

Breakfast was delicious! ... and for the record, this was the FIRST EVER home made coffee that I've ever loved and finished!  You sure know how to make 'em sister!

Kels and Jameson LOVE dogs and have such a heart for rescuing pupps.  This is their third and newest dog, Dezi!  She's gorgeous and such a teddy bear!  As soon as she saw that I was awake this morning she crawled on top of me in bed and licked my face for a good 30 seconds!  She so big, I couldn't push her off!  Once she had had enough licks, she cozied up next to me in bed and let me spoon her!   AAAhhhhhhh.... the best!

I had my very own guest room at Kelseys!  Jameson even hung window coverings for me on the windows in the hallway leading to my room, just to make me feel more comfortable while I stayed at their house!  Soooo sweet!  ... and who doesn't love their own little personal Christmas tree in their bedroom?! 

After having breakfast and getting some good one on one time in with Kesley, she drove me over to Sarah's house!  Kels and Sarah had a great time catching up and are really excited about how close they now live to each other - 3 1/2 miles!  I'm kinda jealous to think that my best friend and little sister may end up hanging out without me!  

While I got ready for the day in the master bathroom, I could hear Caleb and Sarah playing ping pong and laughing hysterically in the loft!  It brought me so much joy to see her so happy! 
Thank you Caleb! 

Caleb and Sarah have been working so hard to fix up their new home to make it just how they want it!  If Caleb wasn't watching 127 hours (his fav movie) or playing ping pong, he was walking around with a shovel, screw driver, or drywall blade in his hand doing something on the house!  It was fun to see him in action, switching out this medicine cabinet!

We definitely needed an update best friend pic!  Thanks Caleb

Sarah, sneaking one of my cake pops!

"Welcome to our new home!"

The C. Thatcher abode!

Sarah and I had both bought homes in the FAR west valley years ago, so we thought it'd be fun to drive out there and check out our old homes.  I loved this house and watched it be built from the ground up!  I put hours and hours of sweat and tears into making it exactly what I had always dreamed of living in.  I hope someone lives there who appreciates it like I did... and hopefully they get that grass in check!  Come on people!

Then is was off to QT for a drink, my request, of course!  QT was a staple during my Arizona days!  They have PEPSI AND COKE products!  I'm convinced this is the only place that sells both!

... then off we went to our favorite little lunch spot: Wildflower Bread Co.

After lunch we drove over to visit Sarah's sister in law, at Target, while she was on her break!

We headed back to Sarah and Calebs and The Fleming family happened to be there when we pulled up!  Emily is Caleb's older sister, and Aaron and I follow their amazing photography blog on a daily basis, so to see them in the flesh was pretty exciting for me!  Luckily they felt the same about meeting me, but were bummed that my other half wasn't here to meet them.

I've watched this little guy since his birth (on the blog of course) so I was in heaven getting to actually spend an hour or so playing and holding him!  Look at that smile!

Sarah and I headed over to the nearby Barnes and Nobles so I could catch up on some blogging and she could read some DIY mags.  Before we knew it, Hanna and Robyn (Sarah's sister in law and mother in law) came and met us for some girl time!   Who doesn't love girl time!  We talked love, jewelry, raising kids, decorating, travel, etc! 

Then the four of us drove across the street to use our gift cards at Starbucks where we just kept the girl time going and the delicious drinks coming!  :)  Salted hot chocolate - YUM! 

We made it a

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