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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Donut Shop!

There's this tradition between my dad, sister and I that whenever we're home, our dad takes us on a special dad and daughter date to the donut shop down the street.  I always look forward to this time with my dad and of course the delicious cinammon rolls that haven't changed since the first time I ordered one back in Middle School!

My dad never orders a donut, because he's a health nut! 
Instead he sips on coffee and watches my sister and I eat all the junk!

Last year we started a tradition of taking a picture with Singh, the owner.  She knows my dad really well because his office is nearby and she knows all about my sister and I because my dad is Mr. Social and likes to talk about his girls!  

Thanks for such a fun tradition dad!  Amy and I are so lucky you're our dad!

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