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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve, Black Mountain Style!

I woke up this morning to Aaron watching TV in the family room at 4:30am! Seems neither of our bodies is on East Coast time schedules yet!

Luckily I was able to fall back asleep until about 8am. When I woke up, Aaron had already gone to the store with Pegg, had breakfast and taken some photos of downtown Black Mountain! Pegg had picked up these 6 delicious apples, which were waiting for me in the kitchen when I woke up! She knows me so well! The 3 at the top are famous around these parts and were about $3.00 each! EEekkk… but let me tell ya, they were worth EVERY BITE!

Even Cash got in on some of the apple action! But, not without doing one of his tricks!

I called about my suitcase, but the lady from Delta said they didn’t have a record of my bag… wonderful! Good news was there were 3 flights heading into Asheville “so maybe it would arrive today”. I wasn’t taking any chances though, so I went ahead and took advantage of their payback policy! Yep, if they loose your bag, they reimburse you for replacement items! So, I threw my hair up, put on the same clothes I’d been wearing for 36 hours and drove to Asheville with Aaron! PS Thanks Aunt Vicki for letting us borrow your fabulous car for the week! (This was my 1st time driving in over a year!)

First stop, TJ Maxx! Second stop, Target! I may or may not have bought 2 COMPLETE outfits, shoes included!  haha  Merry early Christmas to me! Thanks Delta!

By this point, everyone was hanging at Aaron’s aunt Carol’s, so we headed there to join the game and see Annie (Pegg’s best friend) before she headed out.

We spent the afternoon baking in the kitchen…

Playing with the dogs…

Making amazing desserts with Olivia…

...and watching a bit of football!

Gran came over a little later in the afternoon. She is such a sweetheart! Joy, genuine kindness, and love practically exudes from her! You can’t help but feel wonderful in her presence!

The weather was gorgeous today. The snow has been replaced this year with glorious sunshine and crisp cool fresh air! Carol and Joe’s house is all dressed up for Christmas! :)

Speaking of Carol and Joe’s house. The picture above only shows half of the front of it. It actually extends quite a bit to the left in a gorgeous add on that they completed 7 years ago. In the basement of the add on there’s a game room for the kids and an entire decoration storage / craft room for Carol! I was lucky enough to take advantage of her excessive collection of wrapping supplies!

We all sat down at 6:30pm for a delicious homemade southern Christmas Eve dinner! Gran, Aaron, Me, Dave, Ali, Carol, Joe, Pegg, Olivia and Andrew!

The food was fantastic, the company was wonderful, but the best part of the night was when the doorbell rang and my suitcase was home safe! YAY!

We left around 8:30pm and drove through the neighborhood to a house where the guy had actually rented out a radio station (99.1) and had a 3 minute loop of Christmas songs that went in PERFECT SYNC with the lights on his house! It was fantastic! The entire street was backed up with cars! Only in Black Mountain!

We’re all home now, cozy, sleepy, and ready for Santa to visit!

Ali and Dave are coming over early in the morning for some family present opening time!  Then it’s off to Mammy’s (Aaron’s dad’s mom) for a huge Christmas breakfast with that side of the family! Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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