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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Came!

"Merry Christmas everyone!"
I woke up this morning to a room full of beautiful presents...

...and personalized stockings stuffed with yummy treats!
I always dreamed of being 30 years old and Santa still coming to visit!  Thanks again Pegg, Dave and Ali! :)

Ali and Dave came over around 7:45am and the 5 of us all sat around opening gifts all morning!
It never gets old!

Even Cash and Lina got involved in a little bit of the action!

At 9:00am, we headed over to Mammy’s house down the street for breakfast!

I look forward to this breakfast all year! It is the perfect southern breakfast if you ask me! Grits, sausage, cheese potatoes, biscuits, eggs, fruit, yummmm!!

Then it was on to the ornament opening! Aaron’s aunt Vicki shops all year round for personalized ornaments for all 15 people in the family (including Dave and I)! Each person opens one and we all guess who it’s for! So fun!

Aaron opened Sherry’s ornament…

I opened Ali’s ornament…

Mammy opened Andrea’s…

Dave and Ali…

Kaye and Keith (Aaron’s dad and beauiful bride)

Adalyah (Aaron’s darling 2nd cousin)…

Mammy is seriously the techiest (sp?) grandma around! She has a card maker on her computer and makes everyone’s cards from scratch! Check out the envelope for her Christmas present to A and I.

And since Aaron’s birthday is near Christmas, Mammy just saved his gift for today.
How amazing is the card she made for him?! Haha

The Osteen side of the family with our new ornaments!
(Dave, Ali. Keith, Kaye, Jed, Sherry Beth, Mammy, Daniel, Vicki, Adalyah, Andrea,
Me, Sherry and Aaron)

After leaving Mammy’s, we headed over to Aaron’s mom’s cottage to spend a couple hours hanging and giving her lessons on her new camera that she got for Christmas!
Then Aaron and I drove around Black Mountain checking out the area!
I am absolutely in love with Black Mountain’s charisma! It oozes with history and charm!
These are just a few of the examples of why I love it so much!

The following houses are all in walking distance to each other and are known to be real life haunted houses! EEEkkkk! This is an old home turned bed and breakfast. They no longer rent out the 3rd story bedroom because it’s so haunted that people never stayed more than one night before asking to switch rooms!

This is The Red Rocker which is also an old house turned bed and breakfast. It was actually built in the 1930s and was built as a wedding gift for the man's son! Must be nice, eh? Unfortunately now it’s haunted and guests often see ghosts and hear strange noises through the night.

This is Gran’s house, which was built in the 1930’s. While she’s never seen a ghost, she said she’s definitely heard voices in her chimney a few times. Eeek!

This is Aaron’s friend Burke’s childhood home which was built in the last 1800's. Aaron spent a lot of his childhood playing here and this is known to be the most haunted house in Black Mountain! Aaron entire family has said that whenever they would be in the house they always felt like there were ghosts all around them. Eire, eire, eire! Rocking chairs have rocked, baby voices have been heard in the hallways, lights have randomly come one… etc.

This is Aaron’s aunt Carol and uncle Joe’s house, which was built back in 1912 by Joe’s grandfather. It is the most gorgeously renovated home, but definitely haunted by Joe’s aunt Janet! When Pegg was pregnant with Ali, she heard someone walking up the hallway in the middle of the night and then saw aunt Janet’s ghost in the doorway of “the blue room” upstairs. Years later, Aaron’s aunt Carol saw aunt Janet’s ghost in the mirror of “the blue room” and screamed at her to leave, which thankfully she did. Then Olivia, who is Joe and Carol’s daughter, saw aunt Janet’s ghost a couple years ago too!

Ali has been staying in “the blue room” this Christmas. Last night she left her silver hoop earrings in the bathroom and when she woke up one had been totally bent. No one had touched them!!

After touring the town, Aaron and I headed over to Gran’s for the yearly Christmas party with his mom’s side of the family. There was delicious food…

… lots of family to hang with (15 total!)

… and a fun game of White Elephant Gift Exchange (not the goofy gift style though)!

Dave and Ali ended up with the 2 gifts Aaron and I had brought!

Me, Aaron, Pegg, Dave and Ali with our gift exchange prezzies!

Sweet Gran!

After the party, Aaron and I drove his mom and aunt Terry to see the Christmas lights show that we had seen last night in the neighborhood!

After the party, Ali, Dave, Aaron, Jody, Olivia and I all headed back over to Carol and Joe’s to hang in the basement, which is filled with any and every game a kid would ever want, including a ping pong table which we definitely took advantage of!

Carol loves Halloween and stocks up on costumes for the kids! This was Aaron’s Justin Beiber look!

But this was the costume that stole the show!
I almost peed my pants laughing so hard seeing Aaron with all that hair!

The 6 of us hung in the basement till about midnight before going our separate ways for some sleep, but not before Aaron snuck up to “the blue room” and planted a freaky looking doll under the covers of Ali’s bed! We were hoping she’d think Aunt Janet gave her a gift! Merry Christmas Ali!!

I couldn’t have asked for a better day, filled with amazing family, yummy food, deliciously sweet cookies, fun presents, belting laughter and lots and lots of Diet Coke (a staple in the Rozell / Tyson / Osteen family!)

Merry 2011 Christmas!


  1. So, I just randomly read this today. hehe.
    You stayed at the Red Rocker Inn on your wedding night!! DID YOU SEE AND GHOSTS!?!?!

    1. Wow, really random! Thia was almost 2 years ago! Luckily no ghosts were seen on our wedding night! I think I would have panicked and ran across the street to Aaron's aunt's house... although there's a ghost there too, so who knows! lol