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Friday, December 23, 2011


The morning finally came for me to fly back to America!  For whatever reason, everytime Aaron and I take a taxi to the airport, we end up cluthing each others hands in fear of dying before ever making it there.  We have the worst luck with crazy taxi drivers! We made it to the airport, safe and sound, YAY!

We didn’t have time to take our traditional tickets picture in the airport, so we had to settle for this one on the plane instead!

First stop was TOKYO! Luckily though, we didn’t have a super long layover! 1 hour after arriving in Tokyo, we were already standing in line to board our next plane to Detroit… a 12 hour flight!

I always look forward to long flights because I can always just sit back, relax, and watch TV or movies on my in-seat entertainment center for 10 hours! But, you can image my disappointment when I sat down and saw this…

NO in-seat entertainment! BIG FAIL Delta! Big Fail!
So, with that said; 4 meals…
...3 snacks... multiple diet cokes… and 17 hours later, we finally arrived in Asheville, NC! 

Aaron‘s family was excitedly awaiting our arrival at the airport!

Even Cash, Aaron’s dog, was allowed in the airport to come to welcome us home! Perks of a small town airport, I guess!

Aaron’s Dad: Keith, Aaron, Aaron’s mom: Pegg, Aaron’s sister: Ali, and Keith's wife: Kaye…. and of course Cash doggie!

Of all the times I’ve travelled, I have NEVER had an airline lose my bags... UNTIL TODAY! Yep, I arrived in Asheville and my suitcase was still in Detroit! Again, BIG FAIL DELTA!  I gave them Aaron’s grandmother’s address and it was hopefully going to be delivered tonight, but it’s 9:30pm now, and no suitcase!

We stopped by the darling condo (which is right in the darling downtown area, in walking distance to Aaron's aunt and grandmother's places) that a family friend had lent Aaron, Pegg and I for the week.  We dropped our stuff, freshened up and headed out to My Father’s Pizza in downtown Black Mountain for dinner with Keith, Kaye, Pegg, Ali, Aaron’s aunt Sherry Beth, and his grandmother Mammy!

It was so nice to have so many family members all together to welcome us home to the US! And the amazing pizza didn’t hurt either!
  After dinner, we stopped by Aaron’s grandma: Gran’s house to visit with her for a bit before heading back to the condo with Pegg and Ali to meet Aaron’s best friends Sam and Bill. The 5 of us sat and chatted for a while, catching up and eating delicious homemade fudge and cheese! YUM!
It’s amazing that we’re still awake, considering we’ve been awake for 27 hours straight now! Actually, scratch that. I just looked over at Aaron and he’s dead asleep on the comfy chair in the living room! Haha. Now that this has been written and my first day home has been properly documented I’m heading to bed!

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