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Monday, December 19, 2011

Craig and Maddie!

My friend and neighbor, Craig, has his friend Maddie visiting from America for the week!  LUCKY!  So, last night, Aaron and I had planned to take them to our favorite 갈메기살 (pork) restaurant on "the meat street" in Nampodong, but Aaron got really sick, so he stayed home and I played tour guide instead!  This street is lined with amazing pork and beef restaurants!

...but this little hidden gem is my absolute favorite!

We ordered 갈메기살 (pronounced Galmegisal) and feasted on the delicious beef, which is cooked right at our table!

Craig and Maddie!

If you come to Busan, you have to try 호떡 (pronounced hoht duk).  Craig was really excited to introduce Maddie to these delicious Korean delicacies! 

mmmmm.  What food, drenched and fried in a vat of butter, isn't absolutely delicious?!
Then we walked through Nampodong to see all the Christmas decorations and lights that have been set up on the main street...

...and had out picture taken next to one of the many "Merry Christmas photo spots." 

We had so much fun!  Just wish A could have been there to enjoy all the festivities! :)

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