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Monday, November 21, 2011

Talent Show Extravaganza!

Last Friday was the annual Dae Gyo Elemenetary School Talent Show! It's hands down, one of my favorite days of the year as an elementary teacher. There's nothing better than getting to see your adorable kiddos dancing about on the stage, singing cute songs, and banging on traditional drums!

Like clockwork, vendors had set up tables outside my school to sell chinsy fake flowers and lollipop gifts for the parents to give to their kids after the show.

The teachers had worked really hard to creatively display their student's best work on the school walls leading to the auditorium...

The show started at 9:30am sharp with an introduction from the Vice Principal, Principal, and head teacher.

Then, it was time!!!  The kids were hyped up, behind the stage, ready for their debut!

1st grade was up first!  How awesome are these costumes!  Korean teachers are given a budget to buy custom fit costumes for each of their students for the annual talent show.

The other half of the 1st grade class came out in black, waving their gold glittery pom poms and prancing around like little butterflies!

The 2nd graders sang and did a traditional dance about Korean playground games.

6th grade boys did their own rendition of a pop music video! 

But their female counterparts definitely stole the show when they came out with GIGANTIC shimmering bows on their heads and dancing to Roly Poly, one of the most popular pop songs in Korea right now!

6th grade girls...

The audience was full of cheering moms and smart phones held in the air to record their kids performances!

4th graders singing an adorable Korean song...

The 3rd graders dancing their hearts out!

Here's a little video to help you feel like you were there :)

Good ole' danso performance!

4th graders doing a traditional drum performance...

Koreans love the recorder! 

5th grade girls doing a cute tap dance...

5th grade Taekwondo performance!

She is a fantastic singer and has sung for the Korean news stations...

6th grade

6th grade

5th grade puppet show

6th grade dance team performance

3rd and 4th grade dance team performance

3rd grade dance team...

The 3rd grade teacher loves to swing dance, so she choreographed an entire swing dance performance!  Super impressive!

2nd grade band

1st graders are so awesome!

While all of the acts were great, this 5th grade class's dance routine was my absolute favorite!  ENJOY!

This week we're back to studying and homework... but Friday sure was a nice break from the stress of teaching and learning! :)


  1. so many good pictures! miah and i can't get over how many acts there were!

  2. There are so many acts because every class in the school does at least 1 performance all together as a class. (there are 15 classes of 1st - 6th graders).

  3. Oh my gosh, this is adorable. This post made me miss Korea soooo much!!! I want to come back!!!
    love it!!