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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just doesn't feel...

like the holidays around here. :(

Maybe it's because my family is thousands of miles away, or because I'm at work today!  Maybe it's because my Korean students have never heard of eating turkey or pumpkin pie.  Or maybe because no one really decorates their homes for Christmas here, so the idea of assembling and decorating my 2 foot tall faux Christmas tree tomorrow seems a little out of place. 

To be honest, when I think about having a huge dinner with relatives all around, and then relaxing and watching football while eating leftovers all day, it makes me wanna cry a little.  Just wish that's what my day had in store today.  
On the other hand, Thanksgiving is all about being thankful...  So, with that said, I'm thankful I have a job I love that allows me to save money and travel around the world.  I'm thankful that even though it's a holiday and I'm at work, I'm only teaching a total of an hour today and have 7 hours to do whatever I want in my classroom.  I'm thankful that I have a boyfriend who is leaving work early to start cooking a special dinner for us.  I'm thankful for the hour long skype sesh I had with my mom and dad this morning, and I'm thankful for my family and friends... just wish I were a lot closer today to be thankful with you and stuff my tummy full of all that yummy thanksgiving food!

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  1. Miss you for Thanksgiving too! Did you and A do a semi Thanksgiving meal together? Hugs and love! K