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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Careful what you eat!

I started feeling a little nauseous around 7:00pm on Saturday, and by midnight I was waking up every hour to hug the toilet. I knew right away that it was food poisioning!  Probably that darn Eel they made me eat at the staff dinner!  I knew that thing looked sketchy!  By the morning I was exhausted and completely dehydrated.  Aaron helped me walk over to the hospital (2 mins walk from my apartment) and checked me into the ER where they gave me a shot in the butt (ouch) and hooked me up to an IV for a couple hours.  Aaron absolutely hates hospitals... but he was a champ and stayed by me the whole time.   Made me love him that much more! :)
I'm feeling much better today, but took the day off work to fully recover!  It's a big no no to take sick days in Korea, even though we're allotted 11 sick days on our contracts.  Go figure!  Monica, my co-teacher has been teaching for over 30 years and has NEVER taken a sick day!  I felt kinda bad calling in today, but decided that ultimately my health is more important than my attendance record.  With that said, I'm going back to nap # 3 for the day!

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