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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Wedding Day Heyran!

Yesterday was Heyran's wedding, my sweet friend and co-worker!  It's been the talk of the school lately, and I'm so happy for her!  In Korea, when you attend a wedding, you're expected to give money (usually the equivalent of about $50) in a white envelope with a 1 or 2 sentence hand written note on the front.  But, for Heran, I wanted to do something a little more personal and fun!  So, a couple days ago, I went shopping and bought her some sexy lingerie from Lotte Department Store and told her how girlfriends in America usually give their friends lingerie for their Honeymoon!  She absolutely loved it and was super appreciative, and I'm sure her new hubby will love it too!

So, yesterday was the big day! 

Her wedding was held in a pre-decorated wedding hall in a swanky area of town called Haeundae!
Okk told me there will be at least 2 more wedding ceremonies held here today!  Before the ceremony began, they had a slideshow of stunning engagement pictures, where Heyran was dressed in multiple wedding gowns, and her fiance in different tuxes!  In Korea, they don't buy a wedding dress for the big day, they rent one, and engagement pictures are taken in wedding attire!  SMART!

At Korean weddings, the groom and his parents stand at the entrance to the wedding hall and greet everyone coming in!  Monica helped me memorize a greeting for Heran's fiance!  It was basically the equivalent of:  "Hello Heran's groom.  My name is Chelsey.  Today you look ssooo nice and handsome. 
It's nice to meet you.  Be happy forever!" 
He can't speak English, so he loved it... and I felt VERY Korean as I rambled off my memorized phrase!  As a side note, I was THE ONLY foreigner there!

 I love how you're able to sit, visit, and take photos with the bride BEFORE weddings in Korea!   

Heyran looked stunning and sooo happy in the Bride's Room!

Me and my sweet friend and co-worker, minutes before she walked down the isle!

 The wedding began at exactly 1:30pm, and felt more like a rehearsal than the actual wedding, since a rehearsal is never done before the actual wedding in Korea.  The wedding planner would interupt throughout the ceremony to tell them what was next, or guide them to where they should stand. Here she is fixing Heyran's dress before she walked down the isle... and yes, those are people standing in the back!  People sat at the tables, but there were no more seats, so they stood, lining the back and sides of the hall. 
And yes, HE is wearing white gloves! 

Their wedding was beautiful!  Here, they are watching some of their friends from their church choir singing a song about love!  Very sweet!

I took this video towards the end of their ceremony, where you can see them bowing to her husbands parents and then walking back down the isle!  You can also see how the wedding planner is all up in their business, and the videographer and photographer are as well...  Kinda weird if you ask me! 

Congratulations Heyran! You're married... and to a doctor!!!  Way to go girl!

After the wedding, my co-workers (all 19 teacher at my school) and I went to a traditional sashimi restaurant for a late lunch, paid for by Heyran!  Instead of having a reception, the bride and groom give money to their guests to go have lunch somewhere nice!  I didn't happen to take a picture of the meal, but Okk took this picture of me, standing in the restaurant's courtyard, holding the owners sweet kitten!

"I found the one my heart loves." ~ Song of Solomon 3:4

Congratulations Heyran!

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