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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gyeongu fieldtrip!

About 5 years ago, I was standing outside the Louvre in Paris, when I spotted a 
 group of elementary students who were on a field trip!  I remember thinking to 
    myself, 'Sheesh, fieldtrips in Europe are so much cooler than in California!' 
But then I went on a field trip with my Korean students on Tuesday and realized
                             that they have it even better in Korea! 
                      They actually take field trips to ANCIENT SITES! 
          First stop was Sokkuram Grotto, an actual World Heritage site! 
   It's a gigantic stone carved Buddha statue, which was built into a cave at the
 top of Mt. Toham in 751, 1,260 years ago!!  I wasn't able to get a picture of the 
    giant statue, but I did get some of my students outside of the temple cave!

This is the temple cave.  The gigantic stone Buddha is inside.

Outside, they have this gorgeous canopy of colored lanterns! 

Walking back down the mountain and stopping for a little break!
Lunch time is always a fun experience on Korean field trips!  Students don't bring 
sandwiches and chips!  They bring meat, rice, soup, kimbap, fish, fruit, and fried
And they're always willing to share it with you, but if mooching off your students 
food isn't your style, it's okay, because the parents always prepare the teacher's 
                       lunches for field trips!  How awesome is this?!

 Next stop was Bulgulksa, a compound of gardens, pagodas and pavilions, built in
535 (1,476 years ago)!  It houses one of the oldest surviving monasteries in Korea!

Oh, and for the record, these are the ancient toilets of the Silla Dynasty!  Ummm... no thanks!
Lastly was a trip to Anapji Pond, which was part of the ancient Silla dynasty palace complex. (57 BCE - 935 CE).
Hannah (one of my favorite 6th grade teachers, and 3 of her students! :)

 There was even a small bamboo forest that the kids loved!  Living in Yeongdo, they don't see many trees, squirrels, or spiders, but today, they saw plenty of all of them and were like little kids in a candy shop all day long!

This country is absolutely saturated in history, culture, and ancient sites!  I love that my students got to see some of them today, and that I got paid to go along!  Gotta love teaching in another country!  


  1. That's so cool that you guys get to do that. It's pushing it to take our kids just to the zoo! I am SO glad you love your job and the kids you teach!!! Love from AZ! :) Staci

  2. Oh My Goodness!!! They've all grown so much! These photos make me want to jump on a plane to Korea right now and give them all giant hugs and you too for allowing me to peek in on them from time to time.

    Thanks Jill!

  3. Thanks Staci! And Jenna you're welcome! The 6th graders are my absolute favorite!!