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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fireworks on the harbor!

On Thursday, after work, I got a phone call from Aaron while I was shopping for Heyran's wedding gift.  He had found out that there would be fireworks in the harbor off Yeongdo Island that night!  Who doesn't love fireworks?  And over the harbor near my apartment, yes please!

So, I met Aaron around 6:00pm, on the roof of a 15 story apartment building on the island (which happens to be where our friend Craig lives), and endjoyed the sunset with another 2 other Korean guys who had set up their cameras to photograph the show!

About 30 minutes before the show began, one of the photographer's wives came up on the roof with a bowl of semi-boiled sweet potatoes, roasted chestnuts, and some pineapple juice boxes for each of us!  She also laid out a mat for her and I to sit on while the boys prepared their cameras for the big show!  So sweet and thoughtful!  At 7:30pm, the show started, and Craig came up on the roof to watch it with us!  A couple other families who live in the building came up as well... all in their PJ, I might add!  The kids were darling and so excited about the fireworks!

It was a beautiful night, a beautiful show, a nice moment with friends, and a great memory of Korean hospitality and generosity!

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