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Monday, October 17, 2011

Plan A... Plan B... Plan C...

For the past year, Aaron and I have said that Plan A would be to teach English at a University next year, solely for the purpose of having up to 4 months (2 in the summer, and 2 in the winter) of paid vacation to travel and come home to see family and the 12 hour a week teaching requirement isn't so bad either!


Now, Plan A is sort of starting to become Plan B.  We are both REALLY happy at our schools.  Even though I'm required to teach 22 hours a week, I end up, on average, only teaching between 10 and 11!  Plus, yesterday I was told that next year I will probably have 3 weeks of vacation in the summer and 3 in the winter, which would be 23 days total each semester (instead of 10), and would be great for coming home to visit family and traveling!  Plus, we love our students, I adore my co-teachers, and it looks like we would actually be making more money by staying with our current jobs. Go figure, huh?!

Plan C was if we didn't renew our contracts with EPIK in November and hoped that we would get hired with a university job between November and March, but didn't get hired, we would travel for 6 months through Southeast Asia on a dime! :)  Not a bad option, eh?!

So, right now we're a little bit torn between Plan A (staying at our elementary schools) and Plan B (working for a University), but I'll keep you updated!

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