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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to life in Busan!

"Good morning Vietnam Korea!"

It's always a little strange to go from being on vacation for 16 days to lesson planning at your desk within 24 hours... but such is life!  Luckily, I'm lesson planning at my desk in a foreign country, which heck, is kind of like still being on vacation, right?!

Just for the heck of re-capping:

Places we stayed the night:
 an airplane, a shady hotel in Shanghai, an even more shady hotel in the red light district of Ho Chi Minh, a home stay on the Mekong River, a beautiful hotel over looking the park in Ho Chi Minh, a darling beach bungalow on the sand, a youth hostel, a bunk bed on a night train, a hotel overlooking a vista of stunning rice terraces, a roach infested sleeper bus, a gorgeous "junk boat" on Halong Bay, a hotel on an island, a hotel in an alley of the French Old Quarter, and last but not least, 1 more airplane!

Modes of transportation:
6 planes, 3 trains, 3 motorbike taxi's, our own rented motorbikes, 5 boats, 1 ferry, multiple taxi's, about 6 local city busses, 2 crowded minivans, and our own two feet!

Reservations made before leaving Busan:
5 flights, 1 hotel

It's how we roll, and we like it that way! :)


  1. Just wanted to thank you for being so amazing and for documenting our awesome lives together. Even though I am always with you I still enjoy reading your blog and looking at your amazing photos. I love you Jillers!

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