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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thanks for dinner!

I recently began tutoring a junior high aged boy in my neighborhood 3-4 times a week for the unbelievable price of $30.00 an hour!  Easy money?  YES!  He's REALLY shy and doesn't talk much, but is overly respectful and courteous to me.  He's great at reading and writing, but will barely say a word, so I'm working on that with him!  

Last night, after our lesson was finished, his aunt, who he lives with, invited me to join them for dinner! She treats me like her own daughter and even pats me on the butt sometimes when I leave, so to be invited to have dinner with them was just another little added fun surprise to our growing relationship.

So, we walked down the street to this nearby Samgyupsal restaurant, slipped off our shoes, and sat down at our table on the ground for dinner!  
They ordered a huge platter of pork, mushrooms, octopus, sausage, and shrimp to share and grilled it at our table!  YUM!  

This is Mike (경민- Gyung Min), who I tutor... and his 38 year old cousin, who he lives with, along with his aunt. Nice guy, but every time I see him, he's playing computer games!  Eeehhh.  He actually cooked the whole meal for us last night, which I thought was very sweet!  He let his mom and I just sit back, relax, and enjoy the delicious food!  
Oh, and he paid too! :) 

As a side note... Aaron and I were on a run last Saturday and stopped to look at 5 darling little white puppies outside a storefront.  They were being sold by one of our Korean neighbors!  I held, and played with, one of them for the longest time before I reluctantly set him back down with his brothers and sisters!  Then..... when I showed up to tutor Mike on Monday, that same puppy was at his apartment!  That's right, Mike's family bought that puppy!  My lucky day!  Now, when I tutor him, 마로 (Mah roh), the puppy, sits with me in my lap!  Life is sooo good!

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