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Monday, August 1, 2011

My apartment... turned photo studio!

Last night, my tiny (approx 250 square foot) apartment was transformed into a photo studio for Keely and Aaron to practice their photography!  Between the two of them, they have enough equipment to start a legitament studio!  We had Alex, one of Keely's friends (who happens to be a model!), and Meagan, one of my friends (who should be a model!), come over for a little photoshoot!

Meagan had never done something like this, and was nervous at first, but once we gave her a cocktail, she was good to go and took some gorgeous shots! :)

I was happy to be out of the eye of the camera this time!  Instead, I was the director of sorts... and was in charge of wardrobe changes!  Most of the clothes were Aaron's and mine! :)  I was also "the fan girl," in order to give a little wind blown look for Meagan in a couple shots!  It was hard work, but I've been working out!

I did get in on a little action with a mini photo shoot of Meagan and I that I asked Aaron to do!  Everyone needs some good friends pics, right?!  P.S. The following 3 are pre-processed pictures that Aaron took, straight out of the camera!


I am totally in love with this picture!  Neither of them had modeled with another person before, so when I explained what I wanted them to do (which is obviously a little close and seductive!), neither could keep a straight face!  Aaron did manage to snap a couple amazing ones between all the laughter! 
I'm itching to see how Aaron post-processes this one!

Thank you Keely, Aaron, Alex, and Meagan for coming over last night and filling my tiny apartment with more photography equipment than could possible fit in there, your beautiful faces, and lots of laughter! 
Let's do it again sometime, eh?!

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