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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer beach concert!

Every year, during the first week of August, Busan puts on the "Busan Sea Festival" in which a special event is planned for each beach (there are 5 of them)!  Two nights ago, August 3rd, Aaron and I headed over to our neigbhorhood's beach, Songdo, for the beach concert and some fried chicken!  Yum!  We had been to this restaurant before, but had never sat on the rooftop deck.  Considering there was a guy sleeping under a mosquito net when we got there, my guess is... most people don't!  
We didn't mind though!:)

The view made the ghetto seating totally worth it!   BTW:  The mountain in the foreground is the island where I live!  :)
 This is the street below the chicken restaurant!  It's filled with raw fish restaurants and aggressive Korean women who attempt to lure you into their restaurant by pointing at every fish in their tank and sometimes dragging you in by your arm!

We made it past the "fish mongers" and down to the sand!  We plopped down on my Thai sarong, with a beer and diet coke in hand, amongst thousands of Koreans! 

I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed the music! It was mostly glorified karaeoke stars in glittery suits and dresses along with their cheesy back up dancers!

It's the people watching that really draws me into these types of events!  And I would guess there were at least a couple thousand!  This is just the area where people could sit at tables... in front of them were rows and rows and rows of chairs with adoring fans, waving their hands and red baloons!

I love the beaches in Busan, because they're littered with brightly lit buildings and apartments along the sand, which reflect on the water!

 One of my favorite things of the whole night was when 2 old Korean men walked over to Aaron and I, set this bucket of half eaten popcorn and beer in front of us, gave us the thumbs up, a high five, and really big smiles... then walked away!

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