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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lotte Giants!!

It's a mystery to me why Aaron and I haven't been to more Lotte Giants baseball games since we've lived in Korea!  We both love baseball, and going to the games, and heck, the tickets are only $9.00!  It's such a fun date night!  Last night, we went to our first game of the 2011 season and had such a great time!  We wanted to sit with the rowdy crowd (above 1st base) but the tickets were all sold out, so we ended up above 3rd base, which ended up being perfect!

We were sitting amidst a crowd of co-workers who had brought a HUGE box of chips, meat, drinks, and ice cream, and were constantly offering us food and drinks!  (How awesome is it that you can bring your own food into baseball games here?  Movie theaters, too!)  One of the co-workers had brought his young son who was such a shmooch!  His English name was Martin, but couldn't speak a lick of English!
Then, like clockwork, at the beginning of the 7th inning, the orange trash bags came out!  These bags are passed throughout the crowd for the fans to collect their trash and throw it away, but the fans have turned it into a fantastic tradition of tying them on their heads to create a sea of orange heads (Lotte's colors are orange and black), until the game ends!   The guys sitting next to us snapped this photo with my iphone!  No shame!

I am loving this time of the year in Korea!  The nights are cool, but warm enough to wear short sleeve shirts and my rainbows, and as the sun goes down, it paints the sky in gorgeous hues of pink and purple!  I could definitely get used to this!

We left at the beginning of the 9th inning to bypass the crowd, and it was a tied game 3-3!  Not sure who won, but it didn't matter to me!  It was just fun to go to a game and be surrounded by avid fans who were also fans of sharing their yummy snacks!

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