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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Culture Day!

In Korea, elementary school's have what they call "Culture Days" where the teachers are allowed to leave work 2-3 hours early, for the purpose of doing something cultural!  The time is supposed to be spent hiking mountains, visiting museums or city parks, or touring a famous Korean historical site, but instead, we went to a movie!  So, when the principal asked where I was going when he signed my attendance sheet, I was told to say, "I don't know!"  Sneaky, I know!

There were tons of great Korean films playing, but the girls voted on The Lincoln Lawyer, which is pronounced "Leen-con Byun-ho-sa", because they wanted me to be able to understand the movie!  Very sweet!  :)
Here we all are, in the waiting room of the movie theater!  After you buy your ticket, you wait here and 5 minutes before the movie starts, you're allowed to enter! :)

After the movie, we walked over to Lotte for some dinner at Anna Bina (I think), a fancy Italian restaurant on the 9th floor where we feasted on seafood risotto, pizza, mozarella spaghetti, and some other fancy pastas.  We each ordered our own meal, but in true Korean style, everyone shared! 
I think we all needed a little girl time, and time away from work, to relax and enjoy each others company!  Cheers to another successful Culture Day!

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