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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Movie on the beach!

Last night, I took Aaron out (every guy deserves to be taken out once in a while!) to an awesome Vietnamese restaurant in Gwangali for some yummy pho and spring rolls!   Nothing like being greated by a life size Vietnamese statue when you walk in!

After dinner, we walked along the beach to the far east end for the Gwangali Beach Theater!  I've always wanted to come to the beach to watch a movie, but for whatever reason, I've never actually made it, until last night!  Aaron was a good sport and sat with me through Street Dance, a mediocre British film about street dancers teaching ballet dancers how to dance!  haha 

When the movie started, we got comfy on the sand, while sitting on my Thai sarong, which is much more Asian than a beach towel!  The sky was stunning in pinks and purple as the sun went down behind the mountains! 

I've gotta hand it to Korea.  They're always trying to come up with new ways to bring in tourists!  I don't think a movie on the beach is gonna do it, but it's definitely a fun start!  

After the movie, we went over to Seven Luck Casino for a couple games of roulette!  Lucky for us, we were both BIG winners last night!  I won 94,000 won ($87)  and Aaron won 140,000 won ($128.00)!  Thank you Seven Luck... AGAIN!

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