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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Teacher's Day!

Teacher's Day is always on May 15th in Korea, which is also my birthday!  This is one of my favorite days in Korea, because well, let's be honest, I get to be celebrated for 2 different reasons!  haha!!

Unfortunately, May 15th happens to fall on a Sunday this year!  That didn't stop my darling students from making me feel special and appreciated on Friday (today) though!  Bless their little hearts!  I was given a bouquet of soap roses (a common gift for teachers), a box of chocolate, some rice snacks, balloons, lavender potpourri, gel pens, and some fuscia lipstick... but my favorite gifts of all were the handwritten letters!  
Tell you what!  Having this pile of notes, balloons, and presents on my desk all day sure gave me that special boost to keep teaching and loving on my kiddos!   I feel like I could teach forever... and gosh darn't, I just might!  Happy teachers day to all the teachers out there!

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