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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My work birthday party!

My co-teacher Monica planned an awesome birthday party for me for my birthday today!!  This is not common for Koreans!  They simply don't really celebrate their birthdays, much less tell people when their big day is, especially at school!  But Monica knew that birthdays are a big deal in America and that turning 30 was an even bigger deal, so she threw me a party!  I can't fully explain how much this meant to me!  They even sang happy birthday to me... In ENGLISH, and in Korean!

Monica bought me a gorgeous and really yummy cake from a famous bakery in Korea!  I may, or may not, have eaten 3 pieces!  Eeehhh

And we ate it Korean style, in cups, with chopsticks! 

My two co-teachers are the best! They had been planning this for weeks!

하나 (in the middle) brought me a huge dried squid as a gift!  haha  
(from left to right: 유미, 하나, 경화)

As if one cake wasn't enough, 나래 brought 2 roll cakes too! These are sooo delicious!

Monica wrote me the my heartfelt note, and was so proud when I told her her English grammar was almost perfect.

미희 and 유미

민정 is my Korean 언니 (sister).  We are the same age, so we've become really close!  She presented me with a card that a bunch of the teachers had written in!

Sweet, sweet 현정... one of the sweetest women I've ever met! 

This is our special education teacher!  He made me a little card where when you open and close it, the mouth moves.  He said, "Chelsey. This card is magic. Watch!"  Then he slowly opened it and said "Happy birthday Chelsey" while opening and closing it to look like the mouth was saying it!  haha

I was given some of the funniest presents...  The ones that made me laugh the most were:
My Vice Principal gave me a toothbrush and toothpaste, and another teacher gave me a protractor, a shapes stencil, 2 pencils, 2 scissors, 1 eraser, 2 mini staplers, and some stickers!  Bless her heart, she wrapped each item too!  haha  Oh Korea!   

Who doesn't love a birthday party in the middle of the workday?!  
I was thrilled to say the least!  Thank you Monica!

In just a couple more days I'll be the BIG 3-0!  Never thought I'd be living in another country at 30, or speaking an Asian language, or celebrating with my Korean co-workers after teaching my elementary students!  Life is full of surprises!  Can't wait to see where I'm at on my 40th!   Cheers to health, love, being blessed, and turning 30!!

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