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Saturday, May 14, 2011


If you know me well, you know I prefer Diet Coke over a cold Beer and a good conversation over a night of partying!  I may sound like a dud, but now that I'm 30, I feel these things even more so than before!  Don't get me wrong, drinking cocktails and dancing till 3am is definitely fun once in a while, but when Aaron asked me if I wanted a big party for my 30th, my answer was simply, "No, thanks.  I just want something low key with good friends."

So... He told me earlier today that he wanted to take me somewhere special later in the night, so to dress nice and be hungry!  When we jumped in the taxi at 6:00pm, and he said, "Haeundae juseyo," an area of town where we hardly go, I was really excited to see where we were headed! 
When we got out of the taxi, we walked a couple blocks towards the restaurant and out jumped my sweet friends Anne and Crystal who said, "Wow, fancy meeting you guys here", both doting mischievous grins!  Low and behold, Aaron had invited my closest girlfriends to dinner with us to celebrate my birthday, Jillers style - nice and low key!

We went to "Hello Thai" which is one of my favorite Thai restaurants, and Gill's too!  

Speaking of Gill, bless her heart, has a terrible fear of dropping cakes!  Low and behold, she tripped in the subway, on her way tonight, and dropped this one!  NO JOKE!  So, she bought another one!  haha! There was plenty of cake to go around!

 Even thought I don't get to see Crystal and Anne very often, I still consider them two of my favorite girls in Korea, and was so happy they were there! :)  Crystal kept talking about how much she loved my hair, so I did hers before the food came out! :)

Aaron got up from the table to talk to the waitress and all the girls told me how he had put so much effort into tonight!  He wanted to make sure they were all able to be there! :)  Aaron and Anne.

Gill loves "kitchy things!"  She'll admit it herself!  She brought me this "kitchy" birthday hat, some Disneyland style lollipops, and a Korean style single rose wrapped in tacky yellow lace!  She said she couldn't resist! 

Aaron, thank you for such a nice birthday dinner and for hanging through all our girl talk!  You're a champ!  I love you!  ...WE love you!

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