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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A shopping spree?! Is this for real?!

After work on Friday (May 13th) Aaron asked me to look inside a bag that he had put on my kitchen table.  As I grabbed the bag, he said, "This marks the beginning of your birthday weekend!  Look inside!" Inside was a coupon book that he had wrapped in traditional Korean paper!  It was adorable and my heart melted with each coupon!  What was even better was he made it himself on the paint program at work!  Schmooch!

I'll tell you right now, I used the fruit smoothie, 1 hour massage coupon and the chick flick viewing right away!

We spent Saturday afternoon at Songdo beach, relaxing in the gorgeous weekend weather!  After lunch, we rode scoot to Nampodong in search of a gift for Aaron's childhood friend Bill for his upcoming birthday.  As we were walking through my favorite street, Aaron asked, "Do you want your birthday present today, one day early?"  I quickly exclaimed "YES, please, please, please!"  His response was, "Well, it's not something tangible.  It's something you can experience."  Hhhuuuhhh?  Come again?!  
Then he said...
"You know when girls date really rich men and the men take them on shopping sprees?"  Yyyyeeeesss?!  "Well, for your 30th birthday I want to take you on a shopping spree!"  WWhhhhhhaaaaaatttt?!!  This is awesome!!!  "You can get whatever you want... just don't make me broke!"

Let me just start by saying, SHOPPING SPREES ARE AWESOME!  I've never been on one, and probably never will again!  After everything I picked out, Aaron would walk up to the counter, whip out his money and pay for it!  Yea, that's right girls!  My boyfriend just bought me that!  

Since I know you're wondering, here's what I picked out!
A beautiful long black and gold necklace with a lovely ring to match, 
a pair of chunky gray and black earrings, 
a black leather handbag, 
a navy blue and cream dress, 
a brown belt,
a stunning long chained Tiffany key necklace,
a gorgeous flowy white skirt for summertime,
and a pair of small silver heart earrings to match the Tiffany's heart necklace he gave me for Christmas!

If you can believe it or not, He was encouraging me to keep shopping by the point, but I felt that this was a gracious plenty and that I was more than content with all my presents!  
Tell you what though Aaron, if you wanna take me on a shopping spree again next year though, I definitely won't complain!  Thanks love! :) 

Unfortunately, I woke up sick on my birthday, so I spent most of the morning and afternoon in bed!  I was able to talk to some of my favorite people on skype though, and for dinner, A made Pad Thai from scratch!  Yum, yum!

I've been told that 30 is the new 20, and now that I have 4 days of experience, I can confidently say that I COMPLETELY AGREE!  I love being 30!


  1. A shopping spree is the least I can do for the girl that brings so much joy into my life!

  2. Can I give James's email address to Aaron? ;)

  3. Bri! No problem! He'll give James all kinds of good ideas! :)