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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Going back to Japan...

This weekend is a 4 day weekend for Aaron and I, and we've been itching to get out of the country... So, tonight we decided to scratch that itch and head to Japan! 
We'll be leaving this Friday after work (FIELD DAY, which is hardly work!) and arriving in Fukuoka, Japan, where we'll be spending one night exploring the city.  In the morning, we'll jump on the bullet train and ride 3 hours through the Japanese countryside to Kyoto, one of my favorite places in the world, where we'll spend the following 4 days!

It was exactly this time, 2 years ago, that I visited Kyoto for the first time! Unfortunately though, I spent most of my time in the hospital waiting room, and in bed at my hostel, sick with the swine flu. On the instances where I did get out and explore the city, I fell madly in love with it's charm, history, and beauty! I never thought I'd have the chance to go back, but low and behold, I've been given the chance! I can hardly wait to show Aaron some of my favorite spots, and explore new corners of the city!

P.S. Don't worry, I've checked the radiation levels and Kyoto is A-okay!  Besides I eat enough dried seaweed to fight off all the radiation in the world!  Okay, that's a bit of an exageration... but I love that stuff and it prevents radiation from seeping into your body!  Another amazing natural remedy!
Japan, watch out!  We're coming!!


  1. Oh my gosh that sounds wonderful!! I took Japanese in high school and had chances to go to Japan with my class but never could afford it. I've been wanting to go since! Post photos (I know you will), I'll be excited to see. :)

  2. Cydney, you have to figure out a way to go! Kyoto is my favorite place on earth! There's so much culture, history and charm there! Trust me, between me AND Aaron, we'll have lots of pictures to share!

  3. I will definitely find a way someday! It just sounds wonderful!