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Friday, April 29, 2011

Yummy, yummy!

Remember cooking class in Junior High, when you learned how to make chocolate chip cookies, spaghetti, and french toast?  Maybe America has stepped up the bar a bit since I was a kid, but I've been pretty impressed to see what the 6th grade students, at my school in Korea, have come up with during their cooking class!  

This week, (2) of the three 6th grade classes have had a cooking class, where each student is responsible for bringing an ingredient for their groups particular dish.  The kids asked me to come take some pictures and try their food, which I was more than happy to do... EXCEPT for when one of them very excitedly shoved a huge piece of this disgusting fried spam into my mouth!  

Here are some fun pictures!  This group made french toast with ham and bacon inside! Talk about a heart attack!

They then presented it to me in this lovely arrangement!   Apparently a ball of rice and ham is essential to the mix!

The schools don't have an actual kitchen where kids can bake, so portable stoves are brought in and the kids cook in their own homeroom class.

These were probably my favorite!  Sticky rice, carrots, ham, and dried seaweed!

Korea's version of home made pizza!

Duk Bokki...

This isn't just kids playing around... This is actually a way to feed your friend, Korean style! 

And this is another way!  Instead of kids grabbing forks and digging in, the person who made the dish individually feeds each of their friends by picking the food up with chopsticks and holding it up to their friend's mouth!  

Oops, caught her in mid-bite! :)

Cooking white bread, ketchup, pepper, mushroom, and cheese pizza on the stove!

 More rice balls... only this time they were prepared on a skillet and egg was added!  YUM!

Mayonnaise, corn, carrot, and cucumber sandwich.

 Egg, ham, ketchup, lettuce, and pepper sandwich, topped with two rice balls and garnished with 2 colorful marshmallows!

"Fruit cocktail"  (Sprite (aka Cider), kiwi's and tomatoes) 

Another strange sandwich, garnished with cherry tomatoes!

When the students are finished, they prepare one plate of food for the teachers to share!  Here is what we were given!  Appetizing?!

Bet you wish you could try it, don't ya?!

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