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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Randoms...

It was finally sunny today!  Ahh, how I've longed for a sunny day to rid Korea of it's wintery gray cover that's been here for 6 months!!  And to make things even better, it was Sunday, so I had the whole day to enjoy it!! 

Aaron drove us on scoot, over to the local market this afternoon, so we could get out in the sunshine and soak in the happy rays it offers! 

This is not an uncommon sight in this market...  Since I've lived in Busan, I've seen 3 different Koreans scooting on their stomaches, with their deformed legs wrapped tightly in a black rubber package, through the busy market, begging for hand outs.  It's devastating really... and to witness their own fellow countrymen quickly passing them as if they're contageous or disease ridden is beyond heart wrenching...

We walked and walked and walked today and spotted, in the "foreign goods" area of the market, these 3 MRE packages!  Sweet irony that we're in Korea and able to purchase United States Military meals...

But how could we pass it up?!  Neither of us have ever eaten an MRE meal, so we thought it would be a nice chance to see what our soldiers eat everyday!  For about $4.80, we snatched up the chili and beans package!  When we got to my place later in the afternoon, we opened it and were pleasantly surprised to see a regular size pack of wild berry flavored skittles was inside!  There was also a package of yummy wheat crackers, strawberry banana dairy shake powder, coffee, creamer, 2 pieces of gum, cheese spread, mexican style corn, and of course, chili and beans!  Aaron excitedly said, "This is gonna be one of the best dinners we've had in a long time!"   We won't speak too soon though, we haven't actually tried it yet!

I love, love, love the old Koreans who push carts through the market, selling fresh fruit, rice cakes, veggies, or in this case, some sort of Korean jelly style treat!  *** I especially love this pictures because of eye candy to the right!

Little schmooch on the back of his dad's scooter!  Small dogs are usually treated like children in this country!  Just like in America, come to think of it!  Although, boo me if you have too, Korean dogs are much better behaved!

Since clothing in Korea happens to come in 2 sizes - small and very small, there are plenty of alteration places throughout the market, where you can have your clothing let out, taken in, buttons added, sleeves taken off, you get the idea... And it'll be done by a hard working old Korean woman, with her 50 year old, pure steel, sewing machine, in a dark alley of the market!   It's classic!

When we had had our fill of the market, we jumped on scoot and rode about 15 minutes, over to my old neighborhood where we stopped to say hello, and love on, our favorite Korean dog, Becksoona!  She was sooo excited to see us!  Her tail was waging a mile a minute...

Until I picked her up like this!  I had to...  She wouldn't turn and look in Aaron's direction for the picture.  Don't worry, contrary to how it looks, she wasn't harmed... She just got really submissive and a little sad... but we gave her lots of extra love to make sure she knew we adored her and she was happy as could be again!

Later in the afternoon, Aaron took me over, to the harbor on the island, to try out one of his newest photography techniques, called "The Brenizer Method" where about 70 pictures are taken and then meshed together to create one picture.  He's still putting all the pictures together, so I'll share that with you in my next blog!

Time to cook our military meal!

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