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Friday, March 25, 2011

Skype with the Murphys!

My sister, Kirstin, and I love to e-mail back and forth throughout the week, but it's not very often that we can work our schedules out to get a skype date in with each other!  This morning though, we put each other on our calendars and made it happen!  And thank goodness we did!  It's always such a joy to catch up with her and the boys!  BTW: Her little one, Caleb, isn't in the picture because he's playing cars on her butt!  He's got an interesting imagination!

May there be many more 2 hour long skype dates with tears, laughs, and great conversations for years to come!  Love you 4 and thank you for making my day complete!
 - Auntie Jillers

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