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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

breakfast bagels

A couple weeks ago, I did a presentation, on the school TV news program about what American's eat for breakfast!  I talked about how we love to eat bagels, but that I was sad because I couldn't find any bagels in Korea!  My students are constantly asking me if I've been able to find my beloved bagels yet!  ...This morning, some of my 4th graders were huddling around my desk, jumping up and down, all excited before class!  When I asked why they were excited, Anna, put her hands out and presented me with 2 fresh bagels that she and her mom had found at a bakery!  It was as if she was presenting me with gold!

I love this picture because it's a perfect representation of how things work in Korea!  Before anyone can ever give me a piece of food, cake, candy, coffee (anything really), my kids are already trying to eat it!  You'd think no one ever fed the poor little guys!  As much as I knew it was the right thing to do to share my bagels with them, I didn't!  Sad for them... happiness for me!


  1. One that's awesome and two for future reference the home plus next to school usually has bagels in the bakery section and they have cream cheese and if not Paris Baguette should carry them too.

  2. Jenna! Thanks for the heads up! :) Time for class!