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Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome in...

It's kinda weid that I have to share my new apartment by posting pictures of it on my blog, rather than simply having you over for a cup of coffee to enjoy it's coziness with me!  Sigh... I can always wish for more visitors though, right?!  :)

So, here it is!  WELCOME IN!

I would normally say don't be fooled by how large and spacious it looks in this picture (thank you Aaron, for letting me borrow your new fish eye lens!), but to be quite honest, it is, in fact, as spacious as it looks! Kind of crazy considering it's only... a mere...85 square feet!  Ahh, city living!

One more shot of the kitchen and entryway from the other side... I don't want you to miss anything on your personal tour!  *** I have apparently been doing way too much shopping in Korea, because I had to buy this 3rd armoire to store all my winter coats!!  Sometimes the orange county girl in me rears it's little head!

Next stop, the bathroom!  I thought I had a big bathroom at my last apartment,, but my gosh - This bathroom could almost be a 2nd bedroom!  For whatever reason, none of the walls in my apartment are at a 90 degree angle... They're all at weird diagnoals, which made arranging the funiture a daunting task!  For example, the far wall (with the mirror on it) is at an angle and meets the wall to the right, in the corner, behind the shower curtain!  The shower curtain is only up to hide the washing machine and makeshift garden that Aaron created for me to grow vegetables and herbs... hence the very bright light coming from behind!  The little guys are already on their way to becoming plants!  Oh, and yes, I shower in the middle of my bathroom, AGAIN!  Notice the shower head hanging over my sink and the drain in the middle of the floor!

 Last, but not least, I'll take you into my room!  This is the all purpose room, which serves as an office, living room, bedroom, guest bedroom, craft room, internet hot spot, closet, dressing room, library... you name it!!   If I'm not cooking, or enjoying some cereal at my kitchen table, I'm in here!

I was able to reuse a lot of my decrations from the last place by re-covering them!  Remember those pictures, hanging above my bed?  Well, I took the dark green mattings out and used extra material from the bedding (which I sewed last week) to use as a background!  I love how they match perfectly!  I also recovered the little square boxes on the far wall, to match the new colors! 

It feels so nice to call this cozy oasis my new home!  I've never decorated in these colors, but I'm a huge fan of their beachie feel!  And in case you're wondering, I'm currently sitting right in the middle of that comfy carpet as I write this very blog!  Wish you were here to sit with me!  :)


  1. Looks good Jillers! Wish I could walk through your door too! We love you!
    J,K and boys

  2. Oh Jill its beautiful! so light an aeiry! great work! Now i need you to fly over her and decorate my place!

  3. Oh my greatness! What a gorgeous apartment...puts mine to shame :) Really really nice! I love the pictures above your bed *and the HUGE bathroom!*