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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yeongdo Farmers Market!

One of my favorite things about living in Korea is the fact that I can shop at local markets!  I've always been a fan of supporting local merchants, and now I have the chance to do that everytime I shop, because today, I stumbled upon the most awesome indoor/outdoor market less than 2 blocks away from my new apartment!  I could have spent all day there!

The market spans about a 1/2 mile or more, offering anything and everything you could think of! 

They have fresh vegetables in baskets, and delicious apples, oranges, bananas, pineapple. and pears galore!  By the way, does anyone know what this is?!  I've personally never seen one before!  Aaron thinks it's a "turnish" (a turnip radish hybrid)!!

My first purchase was some Gogi (Meat) mandu (dumplings) at this tiny shop!  The lady handmakes them herself!  Ten for $2.25

I don't know why I found this picture to be so funny... but this table was filled with chickens just like this one, under the plastic wrap... but for some reason, this one was laying on top and the way it was laid looks funny to me!  IDK, maybe it's just me! 

This family owned shop sells tofu, any and every way you could possibly want it!  I personally never want tofu, so I skipped past this place!

Want a pig foot for dinner!? 

... How about some octopus?!  Anyone?  Anyone?!

Don't bother going to tupperware parties... just stop by this shop!  They've got all the tupperware you could ever need... not to mention, you'll save yourself a pretty penny shopping here!  Everything is dirt cheap!

Fresh veggies... sprouts, spinache, peppers, cabbage, mushrooms, etc... 

If I'm ever in the mood for some fresh meat, I can walk here and watch the meat cut right off the cow or pig hanging from the hook in the back!  Uuuughhhhh

This shop is jam packed with any and every tacky hair accessory you could ever want or need!

Fish seem to be the shop of choice here!  There are shops and shops and shops offering fresh and dried fish!  If it didn't smell up my apartment, I'd cook fish for every meal!   

Need or want a cheap bra?!  These bra's are only $1.80!!!  I think it's worth mentioning that the fish store (picture above) is right next door!

And this lady is on the other side!  haha  My guess is that the bra's are only $1.80 because they probably reek of fish!

Yummy cookies and crackers!  Pick what you want and pay by the kilogram!

Can you tell that Yeongdo is a port town and an island?!  There might possibly be more fish than residents!

The market even has it's fair share of thrift shops!

... and of course, blanket shops, filled to the brim with bright and tacky bedding!  Can you see now why I had to make my own?!  This is what all the bedding in Korea looks like!  Yes, even the old men cover up with bright pink and purple zebra patterned blankets!

I love my new neighborhood and am head over heels about my neighborhood's farmers market! 

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