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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter English Camp!

Today marks the final day of three weeks of Winter English camp for both Aaron and I at our respective schools!  We both had a great time teaching our little kiddos to read, write, and speak English!   

I'll humbly admit though, Aaron's kids probably had a little more fun than mine (but mine learned more English), because Aaron played lots of games with them!  My favorite of his game ideas was this one!  Each student was given 3 ballooons to draw faces on, and write the matching emotions on the opposite side. 

  Then, all of the balloons were placed on the far end of the room, 2 teams were created, and students raised their hands to volunteer!

Aaron's co-teacher Herra would reiterrate the directions each time, since we all know kids can't always remember the rules when their excitement levels are through the roof...

The way it worked was, Aaron would say an emotion, like (happy, sad, excited) and 2 kids would hold their arms like an elephant and spin around 10 times, so they were nice and dizzy, then run to the other end of the room, find the balloon with that emotion on it, and attempt to pop it! The 1st one to pop their baloon was the winner! Sounds easy enough right?!

Well, not always.... ENJOY this darling and funny video!

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