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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Adventure in Boone!

Aaron and I got up and ready to meet his dad and Kaye in Old Fort, a darling little town between Black Mountain and their cabin! We left the car in a parking lot and jumped in the backseat of theirs and began the hour long, scenic countryside road to Boone!

Boone is home to Appalachian University where both Aaron, his sister Ali, and his dad attended! 

 It was a lot of fun to see the old dorm where Aaron lived...

 the football stadium...

the schoolgrounds...

and the downtown area of Boone, where he spent a lot of time!

We also got to spend some more time with his aunt Vicki, who lives in Boone! 

 She came and met us downtown in the Mast General store! Yes, there's a Mast in Boone too and Kaye, Aaron and I were ready for some candy!

I also found a potato gun for $2.50!

These two are so nice to be around! Love and respect oozes from them! It's really special to see, and the way they love Aaron (and even me already) is really cool too!

The downtown area of Boone is a lot like Asheville in that it's, as Vicki says, "very granola!" They're big into local arts and antique shops!

As we were walking and window shopping, we came across this local Boone man and his 29 year old beard!! Yes, that's right! He started growing it the year I was born! That hair has seen a lot!! Man, if hair could talk! (I couldn't resist!)

We decided to stop for lunch at Macado's, where Keith, Kays and Vicki go on Appalachian game days!! It's a charming little restaurant...

I ordered a pretzel hotdog... Never had one, but glad I did!  It was sooooo yummy!  
Who knew they could make a hotdog wrapped in a pretzel?! I love this country!!

After lunch, we ducked into the local Appalachian gear shop to check out what they had! It's a big difference from the 5 or 6 shirts that Vanguard had to offer when I was attending there!

Me and Aarons dad!

Dad and son :)

Aaron wanted to check out the Boone outlets so we all went over and did some quick shopping! I scored a great sweater and... gasp... a COACH purse! It was a great deal and I can have it repaired forever so I took the plunge! :)

When we got home, Aaron went through and organized all the stuff from his storage unit while Pegg and I cuddle on her bed with a bowl of popcorn and watched The Holiday! 

 It was probably beter for me to have been out of the organizing anyway, since my organizing technique consists of throwing lots of stuff away!!

Today was such a fun day! We both wish we could stay a lot longer, but all good things must come to and end... And the rainbow in It is that we'll be with my family next! YAY! :)


  1. Love it. Boone is so pretty! My gosh, why oh why dont they show us this in the media - i think I might have just fell in love with the USA :-)
    Miss you! Oh, and happy new year Jillers

  2. *** Aaron's sister also went to Appalachian :)