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Monday, January 24, 2011

Date night!

Last Saturday night, Aaron told me to get ready, because he was taking me out for the night!!  Woo hoo! What girl doesn't love a good date night with her love?!  We met up in Seomyeon around 7:30pm and went to a charming little Italian place! 

We both eat Korean food all the time; so endulging in some Italian was a really nice surprise!

I've always loved the idea of dating a handsome, chivalrus man, who orders the meal for both of us!  So, when Aaron picked up the menu and asked if I trusted him to order, I sat back and took in the moment!!

The  garlic bread, thin crust margherita pizza, lazangna, and red wine were to die for... and while we didn't slowly feed each other every bite of food like the young Korean couple next to us, we did enjoy each other's company and conversation!

After dinner, we were given a "free coffee card" from the cashier for the adjoining coffee shop!  What a fun surprise!  The cafe was darling with every type of yummy pastry and coffee drink imaginable!

1 caramel frappocino and a chocolate mocha please!

Then came the BEST part of the date...

The Wii bang!

Yes, Aaron took me to a Wii bang, where you can rent a very small room (approx 5ft by 5ft) to play Wii, watch a DVD, or surf the internet!  But this was not just any Wii bang!  This was a fancy pancy Wii bang that had a complimentary cookie bar, ice cream area, coffee counter, soda machine, and even fresh caramel popcorn!

They led us down the hallway in their tuxedo style uniforms, to our own private room...

While I'd like to say we got right to playing Wii... it wasn't quite that easy!  Every game's instructions were in Korean, so sounding out the hangul symbols and trying to understand what we were reading took a long time!  I'd be lying if I said we didn't have to call the workers over to help us out about 5 times! haha!

We opted to spend our allotted 2 hours to playing Wii, which entailed lots of Mario Cart, Olympic Winter Games, trampoline competitions, carnival games, and tennis!  And yes, I beat Aaron a few times, and no, he didn't let me win!  I won fair and square!  Don't under estimate my video gaming skills!  I was a proud owner of the original Nintendo as a child!

We had such a fun night, and loved that we experienced something new and exciting together! 

Have you taken the time to have a date with the one you love lately?!  If not, please make it happen!  Every relationship, new and old, needs a good old' fashioned date night!

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  1. what a wonderful night. I always love your photos you take simple perfect photos to show what you are experiencing. I agree with having date nights, it's definitely important to spend time just enjoying each other. It looks like you and Aaron have a great relationship, I am so happy for you!