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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The beauty of connecting...

My best friend during junior high and high school; the amazing, beautiful, talented, inspirational, positive, and sweatest heart I know, Jessica Hoffman, has embarked on a journey she calls: "30 Days of Beauty," where she creates 1 new daily video about something she believes is beautiful!  I have been so inspired by some of her messages that I've felt the need to share them with you!

Days 1-15...
Day 1 The Beauty of Beginning
Day 2 The Beauty of Inspiration
Day 3 The Beauty of Balloons
Day 4 The Beauty of Compliments
Day 5 The Beauty of Baking
Day 6 The Beauty of a Journey
Day 7 The Beauty of Discipline
Day 8 The Beauty of a Road Trip
Day 9 The Beauty of a Crown
Day 10 The beauty of a Sunset
Day 11 The Beauty of a Lip Gloss
Day 12 The Beauty of Literature
Day 13 The Beauty of a Wish
Day 14 The Beauty of a Dream

But today's post really struck me, because it was called:

"In this digital, facebook age we live in, it's a rare treasure to actually connect with the people in your life on a one on one, face to face level... but what a joy it is." Living 3738 miles from home makes connecting with loved ones really difficult for me... and I've seen some of my favorite relationships fade to dust, if you will, because of the distance.  I'm a little bit sad this morning, thinking of the joys that we get from connecting with good friends and family, and how I'm really missing out on that by living so far away.  Facebook just isn't cutting it for me anymore!  So, with that, I'm urging you to take 5 minutes out of your day to e-mail me ( or skype chat me (jillersanderson) and let me know how you're doing!  It's only fair right, since I share every detail of my life with you! :) 

So, let's connect!  I'll be here all day! :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh Jill!!! How sweet are you my dear friend... I love you!! Thank you ever so much for those wonderful words you wrote.... that was so beautiful of you to say those things. Thank you for posting my blog too! You've been an inspiration of mine to keep blogging and living an adventurous life! I love you and hope we can see each other soon... either in your part of the world, or mine!