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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Great deals to fill out you studio apartment - BED FOR SALE!"

I've been searching Koreabridge (my favorite Craigslist style website) for a bed and armoire for my new place!  Granted, I could just inheirt one from the teacher I'm going to be eventually taking over for, but I'd have to wait untl March sometime to get it, it probably wouldn't match my new place, and I have the money to buy my own, so why not, eh?!

So, I found an ad from a husband and wife in Millak who were selling their gorgeous dark wood (my favorite) bed for 25,000 won!!  (American friends, that's $22!)  I'm a lover of all things bargain, so I jumped on the opportunity and e-mailed the guy right away!  After e-mailing back and forth a gajillion times, we finally figured out how to cheaply get the bed from their place to mine - a TAXI VAN!  He said that when I got to their place, he would help me dissasemble it and that we could try calling a taxi van to transport it for me!  Genius, since moving trucks cost an arm and a leg around these parts!

So, after work today, I jumped on the subway with my little hand written directional note in hand...

and made my way over to lovely, Millak!  I walked for about 10 minutes along the river (in the freezing cold)...

until I finally reached their posh and gigantic apartment complex!

When I called to ask what their apartment number was, Nikole, the wife answered the phone and said in a cheerfully-friendly tone, "Oh, I'm actually in front of building 102, and the bed is all packed into a taxi van and ready for you!"  You can imagine my EXTREME excitement when I realized I didn't have to attempt to dissasemble a bed, carry it into the elevator, drag it to the curb, and then wave down a taxi van!  What a huge blessing it was for them to do all the pre-packing!! 

Buying a bed, second hand, and then attempting to communicate how to get it from one part of town to another (in Korean) was an experience in which I figured I would have lots of funny things to blog about... but as it turns out, it was easier than pie!  

So, Nick and Nikole, if you're reading this...  Thank you for making the process so easy... and for the record, I love my new bed!

Here's a little sneak peak of it, all made up with the newly-hand-sewn bedding!  Yep, I did it again!  I can't seem to ever find bedding that I like in the store, so I create my own!   I bought 2 sheet sets when I was home in December (1 blue, the other brown satin) sewd the flat sheets together to make the duvet, cut and ironed out the fitted satin sheet to make a bed skirt, and the other scraps were used to make decorative pillows!  By the way, anyone can do this!  It doesn't take rocket science!  I did it in a matter of about 3 hours! I'm really enjoying the calmness that blues and browns bring to a room - and who doesn't love a little pop of avocado green, right?!  :)

So, tonight, I'm all cuddled into my new bed and loving that fact that I'm no longer sleeping on my floor!  My hip bones and shoulders will be very thankful tomorrow morning!


  1. I lOVE you bedding!!! and your bed! What a bargain!!!!

    Did you do the pleating, or did the sheet come that way?

    Whatever the case, you're amazing!

  2. love the deal you got and of course your hand sewn bedding is amazing as well! how fun!!

  3. Alisa, are you talking about the brown and cream pleating on the pillowcases and the top of the duvet? If so, they came like that! One less thing for me to sew! :)

  4. I'm so glad you like the bed. The bedding you made is FAB! I wish we would have met much much sooner--I'm dying to learn how to sew! Your place looks great, congrats!