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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I woke up at the cabin this morning, around 9:30am, to the delicious smell of breakfast!  Aaron's dad was standing over the stove, frying potatoes, toasting bread, and stiring eggs!  yumm!  We all ate together and then got our things together to head back to Black Mountain. 

As we walked out onto the deck, I realized they had a view of the lake!  (We had gotten in late last night and didn't really see the surroundings.) The view of the lake, from the cabin, is really beautiful!

As we were driving away, his dad motioned for us to follow his truck over to this spot.  After we got out of the car he explained that he and Kaye were thinking of purchasing this lot and building a home to retire in!  I voted an immediate YES!   There was a panoramic view of the mountains and lake!  Sounds like a place anyone would enjoy retiring!

Aaron's favorite fast food restaurant is SONIC, so when he saw it on the side of the road, he pulled over and he, Ali, and I all ordered malts!  Talk about rich and delicious!  My gosh!

Then we stopped in at the Ethan Allen plant, where Kaye works!  She excitedly introduced Ali, Aaron and I to all her office mates and let me peak through the window into the factory!

As we drove back to Black Mountain Ali mentioned that we check out their old house in Ridgecrest!  They lived here until Aaron was 5 or 6!  I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!

 ....I love it so much so, that I had to get two different views of it!  :)

The local Black Mountain Farmer's Market, which is apparently also the home of the local looney.  No one really goes there, but it's cute none the less!

Aaron and I went over to Target, the first time I've been to Target since last February!  It was way too long of a wait!  As we were shopping with Ali and Pegg, we ran into 3 different women that they knew and then his  grandmother and aunt too!   In a small town, it's hard to shop at Target without running into someone you know, I guess!

Ali, Pegg, Aaron and I all decided to check out a new restaurant called Cheddars!  It was really yummy!!

Then it was time to say goodbye to Ali, so she could make her drive back to Atlanta.

After saying goodbye to Ali and his mom (who was off to her Yoga class), Aaron and I drove up the highway to downtown Asheville!  I've heard that NC is part of the bible belt, but I don't think I ever realized the extent!  There is practially a church on EVERY corner in this state!  I especially liked this one!

Aaron took me to Mast General Store (sine 1883) because he knew I would appreciate the candy in the barrels section! 
.. and he was right!  I loaded up with fire balls, sugar daddy's, salt water taffy, pop rocks, and a GIANT smarties lolly pop - you know, all the old school goodies!

They had candy lipstick, homemade gummy bears, ABBA ZABBA's, Mary Jane's, and all kinds of other old time candies!  There was something about this place that took me back in time, and that is never anything I resist!
As we were there, we ran into one of Aaron's High School teachers, Mr. Morgan!  Once again, it's a SMALL town!

After checking out at the general store (and finding an adorable beanie for me!) we took a walk through the downtown shops!  Unfortunately, all the shops were closing when we were walking through, but we got lucky and had a little shopping spree in the sale section of Urban Outfitters!

Asheville is known for it's organic, artsy, and local oriented community!   It's also known for it's antique shops!

You can find a lot of cool strange and awesome stuff in these stores!

... like a triple print of Audrey Hempburn, or an old typewriter!

I've always dreamed of living in an old historic downtown like Asheville!  Who knows, maybe one day I'll end up here!   Heck, it gives me an excuse to buy and wear more coats and boots! :)

Aaron drove me through some of the wealthy neighborhoods, which is one of my favorite things to do!  I don't wanna live in one, or take care of all it's bedrooms and bathrooms, but I do like to look at them and appreciate them for their beauty and charm!  This is the only one I snapped a picture of! 

We're back at Aaron's mom's place, all cuddled up in her full size bed, in our PJ's, watching a football game while we all eat the candy from the general store!  I love this place, and am a huge fan of Aaron's family! :)

Tomorrow's plan is to get up early and spend the day in Boone with Aaron's dad and Kaye!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love that antique store. Went thrift shopping in Nampo today but it just wasn't the same without you! Come back already!!! :-)
    Glad you are having such an awesome time!