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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chocolate class!

I finished teaching my kindergarden English class yesterday and as I was leaving the classroom, their teacher was carrying in a tray full of chocolate bars for their weekly cooking class!  I literally stopped in my tracks!  She laughed and asked if I wanted to join!  Um, yes please!

So, there I was, a student in a kindergarden cooking class.  That should tell you a lot about me and my cooking skills!  This weeks lesson was "making chocolates!"  I learned how to melt chocolate by placing it in a metal bowl (and stirring), while it floated in another bowl filled with 50 degree celcius water!  Good to know!  Then, I helped pour it into special holiday molds.  I'm not gonna lie... it was informative, and I REALLY appreciated them allowing me to participate!  :)  ***  

What I appreciated even more though was when Nicole, one of my students, walked all the way up to my classroom, on the 4th floor, to give me the chocolates I made, along with some popcorn, and a banana! 

That's cereal (special K) on the tops of the chocolates in the front!  It's to die for!

To say "I love my job" is a bit of an understatement!  Don't ya think!?

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