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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome Christmas!

Christmas season has officially begun as far as I'm concerned!  I've been playing Diana Krall's Christmas Album, and The Rat Pack Christmas album (thank you Jessica Perlaza for the recommendation) for the past couple days!  There's something about having Christmas music on that makes me wanna cuddle up close to Aaron, with a comfy blanket, and a cup full of Korean coffee (the one's from the sticks!), and maybe sneak a kiss or two!

Aaron helped me decorate this year, and I thought this was a fitting picture!  My mom gave me this ornament a couple years ago to match a "J" that I already had.  When she originally gave it to me, it stood for Anderson, but Aaron likes to think it's HIS ornament!  I guess he's right... A for Aaron!

I love this picture!  Thanks for helping A.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of having a HUGE Christmas tree with a beautiful home to decorate for Christmas!  I lived that dream for a couple years, and loved it while it lasted, but I'm more than happy with my mini Christmas tree and handmade stockings this year!  Less to tear down in January too!

Now, time for some shopping, so I can lay presents under the tree!

Merry Christmas family and friends!  


  1. Ah, I love this post!
    And I love that the "A" are in fact for Aaron and I think the tiny christmas tree is perfect for your perfectly tiny little apartement!!!

  2. Thank you Truchie!! You need to come over so we can enjoy it together! Maybe, if you're lucky, I'll snuggle in a blanket with you and make you some hot tea! Don't worry, I won't try stealing any kisses!