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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paper Christmas

With paper as my only resource for decorating in my classroom, I decided to put the kids to work in making their own Christmas decorations for the classroom!  I enlisted my 3rd grade after school English class as my Christmas decorating team!

Last Wednesday, I traced their little hands and had them cut out their handprint!  Then we glued them together to create Christmas wreaths!  I made the bow out of paper too - my very own design! :)

Then yesterday, we made Santa cards!  I found the pattern online and changed it up a bit, so they would be able to make it!  They had so much fun making Santa's face...
... and of course decorating the inside with their dream of the perfect Christmas scene!

ahh, to be a kid again!
"Merry Paper Christmas" from Gamjung School!

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