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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cabin Time!

 I woke up at 2:30pm today!  Uugghhh, what is wrong with me?!   I missed half the day!  Luckily Aaron finally came in and made me get up, which even at 2:30pm, I was resisting with all my power! 

I think it's worth noting that the famous preacher, Billy Graham, is a Black Mountain local, and his kids grew up with Aaron's mom and dad!   Franklin, the bad one, was around their age and Aaron's dad's parents forbid him to be seen with him!  We all laughed about that yesterday!  Anyhow, the point of my story is that this is Ann (Bunny's) house, which is less than a mile from Aaron's mom's place!

Sam, Bill, and Helen, all stopped by Aaron's mom's house to hang for a bit before Ali, Aaron and I all made the drive over to their dad's cabin by the lake!  It was great to get to see them again before they all headed back to DC an NY. 

On our drive to Aaron's dad and Kaye's cabin, we spotted a deer, who jetted in front of our car!  I'm actually a little surprised that this is the first wild animal I've seen since being here!  I was hoping for a black bear encounter!

After only about 40 minutes, we had arrived!  Keith and Kaye had decorated the deck for Christmas!  The two of them actually spend every weekend here at the cabin! 

It's 441 sq feet and absolutely adorable!  Kaye has worked for Ethan Allen for over 25 years, so she knows how to piece amazing antuiques with thrift store finds and modern stuff, to make a warm and cozy cabin!  The ladder leads up to a loft!

They just recently installed the buck stove and the cabinet around it, which was perfect timing because it kept us all nice and toasty!

Their master bedroom is full of charming little decorative touches and fresh pine wood!  mmmm! 

After gorging on Kaye's delicious home made spinach dip, Aaron's dad fired up the grill and laid a steak out for each of us, along with some potaotes and onions and buttered french bread!!   It was just the kind of meal that Aaron and I have been craving for the past year!  Lucky for us, Keith is known for his steak cooking abilities, and let me tell you... he lived up to all the hype!  It was delicious!

Kaye laid out a historic tablecloth for the occassion!  It was Aaron's great grandmother's table cloth on his dad's side!  With Aaron, his sister, and his dad being HUGE football fans, the football game was playing in the background during dinner!  I've never been oppossed to a little background entertainment!

We spent the rest of the night lounging around, watching the Saints / Atlanta game, and getting to know each other!  When Ali and I offerred to do the dishes, Aaron's dad insisted that he do them!  I loved his domesticated ways!  He said it's been a long process, but that Kaye has been training him!   See, who ever said a man can't be trained!?   He even makes her lunches for her, the night before!  What a guy, huh?!

It was a nice and relaxing day, with the perfect ending... a cozy cabin filled with new friends, and a star filled night sky outside- well, at least I'd imagine it was star filled!  It was much too cold for this Californian girl to go out in that freezing cold!  :) 

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